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Could becoming self-employed be for you?

Posted on May 31, 2021 at 10:43 pm

With the recent upheaval in employment and industry many people who may not have contemplated self-employment are giving it serious thought. Perhaps they have been made unemployed or want a new challenge but whatever the reason for their decision is could be a positive move. Becoming self-employed could be an option for many people if they have the necessary skills and experience that will be required however specific training may be all that is needed to pursue this ambition.

Deciding on your business is the first step along the self-employed path but once you have decided what your business is going to be you will need to decide on a business name that is memorable and that may reflect your business. Registering as a sole trader with HMRC is the next step so that they know that you will be completing a self-assessment tax form and paying class 2 and class 4 national insurance contributions.

You will be required to have a business bank account, but it is worth shopping around as some banks offer special rates for the newly self-employed. Setting up the account and any trade accounts for supplies will mean that you are ready financially.

An essential requirement for all self-employed people is to have public liability and professional indemnity insurance to ensure that you are covered against any injury or damage you may inadvertently cause in the course of your work.

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Having a job is not just about earning money

Posted on April 19, 2021 at 8:52 pm

Most of us work to earn money unless you volunteer. It may be that money is the only reason you go to work but there are also other important aspects of work life that should not be ignored. If you have children then you are setting them a good example if one or both of their parents’ work. It shows them that if you work hard in life you get to have nice things and go places that you wish to visit. This will help them get the best start in life and hopefully help make the right decisions as they get older

Job satisfaction is also very important and something that many of us negate to think about. You may think that as long as your earning a wage, that is all that matters. For many, money is often the most important thing as they need to earn a certain amount to be able to support themselves or their family but you don’t always have to sacrifice one for the other.

It may be that you have been in the same job for a good number of years and although you no longer enjoy it, it pays the bills, you need to consider why you no longer enjoy your job. It may be that you feel you have too much pressure put on you or that you have no support from your peers. This can make you feel stressed at work. Often talking to your manager and explaining your issues is enough to make changes happen.

If your issue is that you feel out of your depth, you may be worried to tell your manager in case then decide to get rid of you. Lots of employers actually favour people who are honest and are happy to help them if they ask for it. It may be that there are training courses that you can go on that will give you the skills and knowledge needed to do your job better. These courses can also help build up you CV so if you do decide to leave in the future, any additional training or qualifications all helps towards landing your next job.

It may be that you are happy to take a slight pay cut to do a job that you will enjoy more, or you may have to take a pay cut in order to start a new career but in the long run will be able to earn more money. Although the salary is important, if you are happy in your job you are likely to do better and therefore be offered promotions and opportunities to move up.

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Want a better work life balance? Choose supply teaching

Posted on March 16, 2021 at 1:54 pm

Working as a supply teacher has always been considered to be an option if a full-time teaching job cannot be found or if there are family commitments that prevent a teacher working contracted hours but there has been an increase in the number of teachers in primary and secondary schools that are choosing to be a supply teacher as they realise the benefits of having a better work life balance.

If you decide that working as a supply teacher is for you then you will need to decide whether you seek work through one of the teaching agencies or whether you are going to source supply teaching work independently. Most local authorities will only accept supply teachers who are signed up to a recognised agency, but sometimes smaller schools can be more flexible in their approach. Agency work may result in slightly less pay but you may be guaranteed regular work if you want it.

The main advantage of supply teaching is that you are in control of the days that you are available for work so for instance it enables you to take holidays to suit you and your family perhaps at cheaper times of the year, avoiding the price hikes during school holiday times.

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Want that promotion but do not want to change employer?

Posted on February 17, 2021 at 5:14 pm

For some people, the thought of changing employer is not desirable perhaps because they are happy there and have a good relationship with colleagues but what about if they want to go for a promotion? What is the best way to increase the chances of success without any risk to your current job? Many employers realise that some of their workforce may be looking to gain promotion and improve their career prospects and so will welcome any enquiries about possible promotion opportunities in the company.

If a position becomes available in the company it is important to alert your line manager to the fact that you would like to be considered for it. You will probably still have to go through a formal application process for example filling in an application form or submitting a CV.

In preparation for a possible interview, it is a sensible move to write down your previous achievements within the company such as improvements you have made, targets you have reached and any other factors that make you an asset to the company. Any additional qualifications that you have completed especially if it is related to the promotion that you are after should be stated as this will show a willingness on your part to continue with your own professional development.

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There are always plenty of jobs for carers

Posted on January 22, 2021 at 3:34 pm

When people are looking for a job it seems that there are always jobs advertised for caring roles be it working for an agency or working in a care home. Many jobseekers discount these roles and decide that a role in the caring profession is not for them but are they making the right decision?

There are many advantages to working as a carer for instance career progression is good and usually appropriate and ongoing training is provided if the applicant does not have the relevant qualifications. The opportunity to work hours that fit in around family life may be possible especially if there are two parents in the household to share childcare.

Many people who work the caring industry remark on how rewarding it is as a career as they feel that they are making a difference to people’s lives. They often become friends with the people they care for and enjoy giving support to family members of the person they are caring for.

Caring roles are varied and can not only be caring for the elderly but also providing care and support for children and adults with special needs. This may involve assisting with shopping and other outings as well as more personal care.

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