Revising your CV

Posted on June 25, 2014 at 4:32 pm

As you move from one job to another your CV will rapidly become outdated, and it’s always important to maintain a CV, even when you’re not in a job search. This is because you’re then able to use it immediately when it becomes important again, and you won’t have a ludicrous amount of changes to make.

Dates are important on a CV if you don’t want to have gaps, and it’s a lot harder to backtrack dates than it is to update your CV as and when it’s required. If you’re settled in a job and you’re very comfortable, it can be difficult to see how your CV can be enhanced, but you’re likely to have picked up more skills along the way, while the form of a CV may change somewhat.

For example, social media pages and websites become important in media related jobs, while you may pass your driving test, gain a small promotion or pick up a new responsibility. These should all have a place on your CV so make sure you keep yours updated with the latest developments.

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