Teaching agencies

Posted on October 31, 2015 at 11:06 pm

Teacher agencies have received some bad press over the last few months with many of them being branded as a money grabbing and not treating the teachers on their register fairly. It has to be said, that although there are some teaching agencies out there like that (as within any industry) not all of them are, but it does confirm the importance of shopping around.

A good teaching agency will find you work that is in your selected location quickly. They often already work with a number of schools and have many staff that they send out on a daily basis to cover supply teaching jobs.

Some agencies also offer a service to find permanent teaching jobs for people and often they will even assist with the initially interview process. Most good teaching agencies will not only find their teachers work but will also offer them support in terms of legal advice and stress management advice. They sometimes even have a bank of information that you can access to find ideas for lessons or lesson materials.


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