The advantages of working as a supply teacher

Posted on May 11, 2020 at 11:43 am

Some class teachers choose to work as a supply teacher because they are between jobs or because it is easier to fit work around their family life. The advantages to more flexible working hours that come with supply teaching are many especially if you have young children of your own at school as you will be free to attend your own children’s school events. Choosing your own working days also enables you to fit work around other family commitments such as caring for an elderly parent.

Many schools employ supply teachers to cover absence of teaching staff that is planned for instance if the class teacher is on a course or is attending meetings. In this case you may know in advance the age of the children you will be teaching, and the curriculum subjects you will be expected to teach. This is more favourable than having an early morning call to cover a class due to teacher illness. If you are not available to cover emergency calls this can be made clear when you visit schools to promote yourself or sign up to an agency.

Although most well organised teachers will leave planning and resources in their absence, it is always good to be well prepared and to have a range of age appropriate resources to hand that you can call on if required.

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