Tips To Help You Land A Teaching Job

Posted on February 12, 2016 at 4:12 pm

Finding education jobs can be challenging, more so since seasoned teachers with long standing success or tenure are typically re-called to teach each school every year. This means that available teaching vacancies can be limited, & the competition for these vacancies are fierce.

Huge part of the teaching job hunt process is knowing where to search for these positions.

The below tips are designed to get rid of some of the stresses out of your job hunt by, by offering you some guidelines on the stages you can follow to ultimately find education job.

Make HR Rounds

Pay a visit to the recruitment department or Human Resource of local school systems & universities to ask about available vacant positions. In case there aren’t no current vacancies, inquire if you can leave behind your resume to stay on the file should future openings match your speciality. Have it in mind that most schools do the bulk recruiting a couple of months before new school year begins.

Never Be Too Good to Substitute

Accept a suitable position at the station at which you’re focusing your job hunt. This will allow you to network at your to-be work station by placing in the midst of colleague s and administration and also enable you meet some of the learners you may be teaching. It’s not unusual for a substitute teacher who has made a strong bond with learners to be given a full-time teaching job should an opening come up.

Building relationships will help you land a job in education sector

Take your time to get to know as well as establish a relationship with administrators at the institutions you are interested in. Your chances of landing an interview (that leads to a position) as “known commodity” are much higher compared to that of a nameless candidate who has met nobody.

Visit Career Centres

Universities and colleges that offer teaching degrees always have a data base of positions available in the school’s Career Centre. The Career Centre advisors can also be a good source of information about how to network and get your foot in the industry. Majority of education institutions limit access to Career Centre resource to alumni or current students, so one can be limited to his /her alma matar.

Network, network, network!

Let your family members, friends as well as your casual acquaintances know that you’re on the hunt for a new teaching job. Since some of the institutions are more willing to interview as well as potentially recruit successful candidates who have been vouched for already, it is very important to let everyone know that you’re available & seeking new opportunity.


Look for contract or part-part time positions

Do not be adverse to taking up “training” or a contractor position. This is often a perfect way to get your feet in the door in teaching profession. Plus it gives you an opportunity to evaluate an institution to make sure it’s a match before committing yourself fully to a long-time job.

Have you just graduated and are searching for teaching job? Or are you a seasoned educator looking for exciting new challenges? Or are you an experienced professional outside education sector looking to make career switch to teaching? The above guidelines will help you successfully land education jobs.


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