How much will it cost to use a recruitment agency to fill a vacancy?

Posted on August 20, 2019 at 2:02 pm

As an employer, filling a job vacancy can take up a lot of time and often mean that productivity goes down. If you have a lot of applications to get through and have to do more than one round of interviews then you can expect the application and interview process to take a good few weeks.

Firstly you need to go through the pile of CV’s that have been sent in by potential applicants.  After you have narrowed the CV’s down you then have to run a round of interviews possibly even two or three rounds, quizzing candidates before finding the right one.

On average it is said to cost approximately £4000-£4500 to fill a vacancy, this is including the advertising costs and wages cost of the people carrying out the interviews and managing the recruitment process.

Another option you have as an employer is to use a recruitment agency to help you fill the position. They can take a lot of the hassle away from you by doing all the advertising of the job, going through CV’s and selecting only candidates that are suitable and then carrying out a basic interview. The interview may be done over the phone.

Agencies will charge a fee for this service which is often calculated as a percentage of the job roles’ annual salary.

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