How to combat nerves on your first day at work

Posted on April 22, 2017 at 9:11 pm

Almost all of us get a little bit nervous when starting a new job and meeting new people. You may worry about the job that you are expected to do and be concerned if you make mistakes, or you may worry about the people you are going to be working with and whether you will get on with them and they will get on with you. If you are starting work for the first time, returning to work after a long break or simply moving jobs, it can be very daunting but there are some things you can do to calm those first day nerves and tips and advice on how to ensure you have a great first day.

The day before you start your new job make sure that you have everything prepared. Make sure that you have your uniform or clothing laid out ironed and ready to put on and that you have everything packed that you may need to take with you such as a laptop or note pads etc. It may be worth making sure that you take a packed lunch for the first day so if you don’t feel like going out or are not sure of where you can eat, you have something with you.

First day is all about impressions so you need to make sure that you come across as professional and willing to learn. Always make sure that you are on time, especially on the first day. Even if you arrive early, this is much better than being late.



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