Preparing for a job interview

Posted on June 30, 2016 at 10:25 pm

So you have applied for a job and just received a phone call inviting you in for an interview. Some people can find interviews hard and struggle to stay relaxed, but as with many things, if you can be prepared you will probably get through it much better.

You can prepare for an interview and should take some time to do this. Research a bit of background information about the company that you have applied for the job with. Try and find out how and when the company was set up and the structure in terms of management etc. This will also allow you to possibly put faces to names in your interview and may make you less nervous.

Check to see if they have a social media account such as a Facebook or Twitter profile, you may be able to find out some interesting news that they have recently shared or industry change that may affect the job you are applying for.

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