Are some jobs at risk of fading away?

Posted on November 14, 2021 at 9:08 pm

The jobs market has been very up and down over the last couple of years due to Covid but there are some jobs that may well not come back and that are being faded out. 

There has been so many technological advances over the last decade that certain jobs seem to be at risk of decline and possibly extinction in the near future. This may of become even more apparent over the last couple of years where many people had to try and make processes as autonomous as possible to avoid having too much face to face contact with people.

Company owners are quick to realise that if they can automate a process by machinery or computers then they can save on salaries and make more profit in the long run. They can also avoid down time due to staff illnesses or holidays. For this reason, many jobs in manufacturing for example have started to be harder to find as they simply are not required as much as previously.

Sometimes automated processes simply cannot replace a human being and in certain situations it may not be right to try and go this way. Also it may be that you train to manage the machinery or equipment that did your job before – i.e. serving it and fixing when it goes wrong.

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