Job Vacancies UK

Posted on August 20, 2013 at 10:44 am

After a decade of battling with high unemployment levels, Job vacancies in UK are on the rise again. Despite the economy recording a slow growth in past few years, figures from national statistics show that job vacancies in UK have picked up in certain sectors. Reports from national research think tanks show that many companies have turned a corner, and are now interested in starting to recruit and employ new people for permanent and temporary jobs. Research shows that most localities in the UK have seen an increase in levels of employment due to the inceased demand of both temporary and permanent workers across all this country. Rise in job vacancies is because of the growth seen in the UK’s private sector with the growth of private companies making up for the reduction in the size of the public sector, with overall growth of the UK economy still present. Recruitment agencies across the country report that employers say that, in most market sectors, they are more optimistic and are planning to increase job vacancies in UK by increasing their hiring levels. Current data in the country shows that the environment in the current job market is starting to look up.

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