Looking for part time flexible work

Posted on May 30, 2015 at 8:39 am

There are times throughout your life when you may need flexible part time work, maybe after having children or when you’re approaching retirement and looking to slow the pace down a little, but what sort of job would allow this?

Working in a school/nursery – either in an admin position or as a teaching assistant this could be ideal work if you want to fit in work around your children, with school holidays off and earlier finishes than a standard office working day it’s certainly worth considering.

Supermarket work – this is usual shift work so can be great if you’re looking to work outside of the normal 9 till 5 office hours. The weekend and bank holiday pay is often very good as well so if you’re looking to earn as much as you can just working over weekends then this could be ideal.

Delivering catalogues – this type of work is usually based on commissions of products that you sell through catalogue orders however most companies do offer a very basic rate just for the catalogue distribution. Great if you want to be outdoors and want to get plenty of exercise.

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