Running your own tutoring business-what do you need to know?

Posted on September 18, 2020 at 8:46 am

If you are considering starting up a tutoring business and have the relevant teaching qualifications and experience, there are a number of matters that you will need to decide on. For instance, are you going to offer subject specific tutoring or just general academic support and are you going to offer daily or weekly tutoring? It is advisable if possible, to have contact with the pupil’s school so that you can discuss, with the parents’ consent any areas that the child is struggling with.

Good quality resources should be provided for the pupil which are up to date with current teaching methods. The internet is a valuable tool in this respect as there is a wealth of material available to access.

The tutoring sessions will need to be planned carefully taking into consideration the age of the child, the level that they are working at and timing. The younger the child the more varied activities will need to be as attention span in younger children will be shorter. A reward system that can be built into the lessons as a regular feature and provide an opportunity to celebrate success is a great motivator to learning for children of all ages.

The price structure for tutoring sessions is best decided by looking at the going rates for your particular area as this is a good guide to how much you can charge.

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