Taking on temporary work

Posted on April 3, 2019 at 1:51 pm

Temporary work can be a great way to get you earning money quickly, but the risk is the lack of security that comes with these types of positions.

Some employers offer temporary jobs due to cover of maternity leave or illness or just to see them through a busy period. The job may be on a fixed term such as 3 or 6 months, after which time you may know the job will come to an end or it could be on a flexible contract where it is reviewed after three months for example.

Often temporary jobs can lead to permanent positions, especially if you show your worth and work hard. Even if the company you work for doesn’t have any current vacancies, they are likely to invite you to apply for jobs that come up in the future as it can serve you well if they already know you how you work.

It is important to continue to look for work whilst in a temporary job as there is no assurance that you will have further employment at the end of it. You could register with an agency who will attempt to find you work, but you may have to go to a different place of work every day in order to ensure you have employment.

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