Want that promotion but do not want to change employer?

Posted on February 17, 2021 at 5:14 pm

For some people, the thought of changing employer is not desirable perhaps because they are happy there and have a good relationship with colleagues but what about if they want to go for a promotion? What is the best way to increase the chances of success without any risk to your current job? Many employers realise that some of their workforce may be looking to gain promotion and improve their career prospects and so will welcome any enquiries about possible promotion opportunities in the company.

If a position becomes available in the company it is important to alert your line manager to the fact that you would like to be considered for it. You will probably still have to go through a formal application process for example filling in an application form or submitting a CV.

In preparation for a possible interview, it is a sensible move to write down your previous achievements within the company such as improvements you have made, targets you have reached and any other factors that make you an asset to the company. Any additional qualifications that you have completed especially if it is related to the promotion that you are after should be stated as this will show a willingness on your part to continue with your own professional development.

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