What to expect from a teaching job

Posted on March 5, 2018 at 11:27 am

Teaching is certainly not an easy job. Many people are attracted to teaching by the good pay it can offer and the fact that you are able to have the school holidays off, but when you actually look what is required of you as a teacher, you may think again.

Although teachers only teach from 9-3.15 (approximately) they have to be in school before that, often at 8 and do not usually leave until 5 -5.30. Once they are home they may not be able to stop them as they will have planning and marking to do. Weekends are often taken up by working from home and you may have to sacrifice some of your holidays to go in and sort out classroom displays or to set up for new children arriving.

All this being said, teaching is still a very rewarding job and many teachers get great satisfaction out of the job. It is amazing to see how a pupil improves over the course of a year and knowing that you have helped to achieve that is something that keeps may teachers in the profession.

Before going into teaching, way up the pros and the cons and make sure it is right for you.



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