Keeping your CV up to date

Posted on August 30, 2015 at 8:30 pm

A CV is basically a document where you record all your qualifications and work experience. There are no strict guidelines as to how you should create a CV but many people follow a few simple rules such as keep it to one or two pages and make sure that the information given is relevant and easy to understand.

Often people don’t update their CV until they decide to switch careers or they see a job advertised that they wish to apply for. The danger in this is that it is easy to forget course, additional training or qualifications you may have gained and also it the deadline for applications is soon, you may not have the time to update your CV correctly. This could mean that you either miss out or that you make mistakes by rushing it.

I update my CV every three months, this way I know that should I need to amend it, it will only be the previous three months that I need to think about rather than years!


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