Fancy teaching?

Posted on January 19, 2016 at 8:25 pm

With many teachers leaving the industry in the first year, the UK is calling out for people to start training to work in schools as teachers. Some schools are having to rely heavily on teaching assistants to spend a significant period of time teaching the class on their own rather than actually assisting the teacher, which is not ideal.

If you fancy a change in career and are up for a challenge, then why not train to be a teacher. I think the main issue is people going in to teaching not fully aware of what it entails and the amount of hours you need to out in. Too many people comment on how teachers have it easy, finishing work at 3.30pm and with long school holidays, but don’t see the early mornings and late finishes plus weekend work that goes on behind closed doors.

If you are not sure if teaching is for you, you could volunteer to be a teaching assistant for a few weeks or months, to get more of a true picture of what you will be doing.


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