Qualified as a teacher but don’t want to be in a classroom

Posted on December 12, 2020 at 8:18 am

It usually takes three years to train to be a teacher if you embark on this career after completing A levels. During this time students learn how to teach curriculum subjects but also how to motivate children to learn by understanding their development and reasoning. Some teachers realise once they are qualified that they are more interested in this aspect of childcare than being in front of a class teaching so what are their options for employment?

Teachers are employed in many fields such as in a hospital classroom, special needs units and even in prisons. There are however other roles for qualified teachers such as in the psychology sector of the local social services department. This role involves assessing children’s mindset and attitude towards learning and suggesting possible ways forward if there are difficulties. There will be opportunities to work with other professionals in the field sharing ideas and resources.

Some teachers decide to undertake further training to enable them to teacher children with specific needs such as children with hearing impairments. Many find that the rewards of teaching in this way are immense and so their job satisfaction is much higher than if they were employed in a school as a class teacher.

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