Why is maths such an important skill to have when it comes to finding a job?

Posted on October 12, 2017 at 1:19 pm

If you are currently looking for a job vacancy, then you will probably have noticed that many employers ask for a min maths qualification such as a GCSE level C or above. Many colleges and sixth forms also request this as a minimum entry requirement and there is a good reason why.

Maths is used in everyday life more than you may even realise. Simply working out the time you need to set off to arrive to your destination on time or adding up the cost of items in your trolley to check you have enough money to buy them all involve a certain degree of maths and calculation.

At school you will often be taught a wide range of Maths skills, some of which you may not use again, but many of which you will use day in day out.

If you have always struggled with maths, then you may want to try and improve your skills to further yourself and improve your job prospects. If you failed your Maths GCSE then you can return to a college at any time to restudy for it and you may find it easier when you are older than you did as a young person.

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