How to Get a Good Primary Teaching Job in Oxford

Posted on May 22, 2016 at 11:21 am

Teaching is globally upheld as a noble profession; hence one of the best ways to join a noble society is to become a teacher. Consequently, if you’re thinking of switching from a different profession to a primary school teacher in Oxford, your thoughts are on the right track. The same applies if you are a seasoned or a newly qualified teacher who wants to join Oxford’s vibrant teaching community. Some have obtained this objective by getting a number of steps right while others have failed to secure lucrative teaching opportunities in Oxford owing to numerous loopholes that you can avoid and bask in the joy of landing your dream teaching job.

Narrow Down Your Keyword Search

The internet is a convenient job search tool. Many turn to it to identify opportunities and to make the necessary moves that they need to secure lucrative employment contracts. Despite its efficiency, there people who can’t figure out how to effectively hunt jobs via online platforms. One of the reasons is accredited to the use broad search words. This means that a long tail search term such as – primary teaching jobs Oxford- is likely to yield better results that a short tail search term such as – teach in U.K.

Remodel Your Résumé

Whether you are a seasoned or a green horn in the world of teaching, formulating your résumé before conducting an online search to see the kind of primary teaching jobs that are available is similar to having the cart before the horse. Your résumé should always be moulded to match a specific teaching job. For example, if you know that you can take up a position that requires you to teach computer related studies yet your qualifications papers trumpets your abilities to teach geography or math, you’re are unlikely to get the job. You can however succeed if you remodel your CV to speak more about your computer skills and how you can merge them with the teaching prowess that you’ve garnered over the years, as a geography or as a math teacher, to deliver excellent results in a primary school computer lab.

Learn about the School

Search terms such as – primary teaching jobs Oxford – are likely to get you what you’re looking for. Despite this, it’s usually prudent to dig deeper. Go beyond the search engine results page. Visit each school’s webpages to learn more about the school with an aim of readjusting your CV and the cover letter in line with what the school expects of the teacher they are in search of. It’s often also a good idea because it inspires you to visit the school in person, a move that projects your enthusiasm about joining the school’s teaching staff because you feel that it’s where you belong.

Avoid Jumping into Conclusions

Don’t let steep qualification requirements that are often outlined in the teaching jobs advertisements erode your vision and will to get a lucrative job in any of Oxford’s primary schools. Making the application is better than shying off because there are instances when you may secure the job owing to your exceptional teaching or professional experience and not your academic qualifications.

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