Getting a job as a personal trainer

Posted on March 29, 2015 at 2:24 pm

If you like to keep fit and active and are great at motivating people then becoming a personal trainer could be for you. As a personal trainer your aim would be to inspire your clients to get fit and healthy and help them with work out techniques, nutritional advice and exercise plans.

Most personal trainers work on a self-employed basis and either do out door training at a park or go to clients houses. Some base themselves at a gym and try to encourage people there to book some one on one sessions.

There are some gyms that employ personal trainers on a contract basis to offer there gym members as part of a membership package. This can be great as you then have a stable income each month that’s reliable rather than the uncertainty of going self-employed.

To qualify as a personal trainer you can do a college course in health and fitness, in this course you will also cover a basic level of nutrition studies which could be developed at a later date with further courses.

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