Having a job is not just about earning money

Posted on April 19, 2021 at 8:52 pm

Most of us work to earn money unless you volunteer. It may be that money is the only reason you go to work but there are also other important aspects of work life that should not be ignored. If you have children then you are setting them a good example if one or both of their parents’ work. It shows them that if you work hard in life you get to have nice things and go places that you wish to visit. This will help them get the best start in life and hopefully help make the right decisions as they get older

Job satisfaction is also very important and something that many of us negate to think about. You may think that as long as your earning a wage, that is all that matters. For many, money is often the most important thing as they need to earn a certain amount to be able to support themselves or their family but you don’t always have to sacrifice one for the other.

It may be that you have been in the same job for a good number of years and although you no longer enjoy it, it pays the bills, you need to consider why you no longer enjoy your job. It may be that you feel you have too much pressure put on you or that you have no support from your peers. This can make you feel stressed at work. Often talking to your manager and explaining your issues is enough to make changes happen.

If your issue is that you feel out of your depth, you may be worried to tell your manager in case then decide to get rid of you. Lots of employers actually favour people who are honest and are happy to help them if they ask for it. It may be that there are training courses that you can go on that will give you the skills and knowledge needed to do your job better. These courses can also help build up you CV so if you do decide to leave in the future, any additional training or qualifications all helps towards landing your next job.

It may be that you are happy to take a slight pay cut to do a job that you will enjoy more, or you may have to take a pay cut in order to start a new career but in the long run will be able to earn more money. Although the salary is important, if you are happy in your job you are likely to do better and therefore be offered promotions and opportunities to move up.

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