How to Land Your Dream Job

Posted on August 16, 2018 at 4:33 pm

A lot has changed in the world of job hunting since the advent of the internet, and whilst it’s certainly easier to search & apply for jobs, it can feel very much like you’re firing off hundreds of applications with very little response.

Gone are the days when you would simply pick up a local newspaper and call through, now your CV and covering letter really are key; if these aren’t effective, you simply won’t get through to interview.

That’s made even harder when you consider that some firms use sifting or filtering software to score your CV and submissions, and as such ideal candidates can fall foul of using the wrong language.

To truly get the best out of your searching then, it’s important to be targeted and strategic in your search; apply for the jobs you’re best qualified for, and be specific – with examples – as to how you meet the person specification. This is truly what employers are looking to see, especially if you’re not quite an exact fit for the role – show them how you could be.

There’s absolutely no point wasting time submitting applications ‘on the off-chance’ if you don’t put in this extra time, you’ll simply fall foul of either a software, or manual, sifting process.

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