Interview Techniques

Posted on June 14, 2013 at 1:50 pm

Job interviewing can really be nerve cracking. One may feel so much uncomfortable selling his or herself or even answering questions that are not expected. A part from this, the idea of meeting and impressing people you have never interacted with before is enough to trigger too much anxiety. However with the right tips and techniques makes you a master in presenting yourself to potential employers during interviews.

There are various interview techniques that can help one sell his or her skills comfortably during interviews. Some of these tips include; interview for as many jobs as you possibly can. By doing this, it strengthens your job search network, gives you courage for another interview as well as leading you to unexpected job opportunities.

Other interview techniques includes; developing a compelling story, tailoring your story to the job, managing stress, being physically and psychologically prepared, anticipating questions that are likely to be asked, ask questions during interview and also build your emotional intelligence.

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