Job websites – are they a waste of time?

Posted on April 29, 2015 at 9:16 pm

We’ve all done it when looking for a job, uploaded our CV to several free job websites and put in our search criteria that we are interested in.

The problem is that even if you enter very specific criteria you then get bombarded with emails daily with numerous jobs ‘specially recommended for you’ that are nothing to do with your chosen profession. The result? Deleting the emails as soon as they come in without even opening them.

Not only is this frustrating but it also means that you may miss jobs on there that you could be interested in.

Another issue on these sites is fake job adverts linking you to a company that offers a job where you have to purchase stock up front, these are often scam companies and should be reported to the site administrators.

It may be worth looking at these job sites during your search for work but certainly isn’t a great idea to pin all your hopes on this method of job hunting alone.

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